December 6, 2023

Choosing a Good Value Mobile Phone

Almost everyone you know has a mobile phone these days, from children in the family to grandparents, and everyone else in between. Whereas in the past those with a mobile phone were looking for the best deals in terms of allowed texts and minutes, the emphasis has most definitely shifted towards how much data you can use each month. This is due to the vast majority of people having smartphones, that are used each day to access the Internet, to send WhatsApp messages, browse Facebook and post on Twitter, Instagram and other apps.

If you are living on a budget you will be aware that it can be quite expensive to have a smartphone on contract. There are so many different packages and handsets to choose from it can be bewildering and costly. So what can you be doing to get a better deal for you?

First, think about what it is you really need from your phone. Most people will be looking for some sort of data package for sure, but you might need texts primarily, or minutes in order to make phone calls throughout the month. When shopping around for mobile phone contracts you’ll notice that they can be very high in some cases, between £30 – £50 per month in many cases, even higher for some packaged. With some careful research and a plan that includes exactly how much you need and what type of phone is realistic with your budget, you should be able to sign up for a mobile phone contract for between £10 and £20 per month, with as much texts, minutes and data as you realistically need. This is a reasonable amount of money, and if you are living month-to-month on your pay, it isn’t too much of a stretch to your budget. It also means that there is extra money to go towards essential items, or to put away for a rainy day.

Do you really need a brand new mobile phone every time your contract is up? Most contracts run for up to 2-years these days, with the cost of a brand new handset spread throughout the course of the contract. With new phones coming out at such a pace, your handset from 2-years ago has all the same functions as the brand new models in most cases, apart from the odd finishing touches here and there. Save money by keeping your old handset for a little longer and opting for a shorter, 1-year SIM-only contract. It is a much cheaper option, and is also more likely to provide you with a greater amount of data, texts and minutes, at a fraction of the price associated with a 2-year contract including a new smartphone.

If you are living on a tight budget, reliant on lending from responsible payday loan providers from time to time, and looking for ways to cut costs and save some money, shopping around for a cost effective mobile phone contract will help you immensely. As you can see, there are some simple options open to you.