February 20, 2024

5 Checks to Make and Ensure an Accident-Free Bike Ride

Often one finds mechanical issues ruining their rides. When small problems go unnoticed and unresolved, they end up creating problems. Gripping the problem before they start to bother you is the solution.

So how can you ensure your ride is secured from the moment you turn on the keys?

Pre-ride check!

A pre-ride check is a form of routine inspection of your bike’s vitals. It is important to make a routine check to ensure you have a pleasant ride, and accidents due to vehicle malfunctions, either mechanical or electrical, can be avoided. Any fault identified can be swiftly addressed by taking your bike to the nearest service station. Your comprehensive bike insurance plan covers such cost of repairs and so you need not worry about the finances.

Let’s look at the five important check-points to ensure you have an accident-free ride.

1. Tyre air pressure

Every tyre has its optimal air pressure that is required for it to perform efficiently. Riding your bike with less than optimum air pressure might feel a drag. Some of us are proficient at identifying lower air pressures but not all. In case you’re the second type, you can try pressing the tyre with your hands or even kicking, but not too aggressively. If you feel the tyreisn’t inflated adequately, you can get its air pressure refilled at the earliest. This isn’t a lengthy process and doesn’t cost much. Moreover, it’ll save you from getting into situations like a flat tyre on the middle of nowhere or loss of control and braking.

2. Brakes

Like you need acceleration to move ahead, you need brakes to come at a halt too. Brakes are your best friend when you ride in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It is always advisable to glance at the brake fluids and brake pads each time you begin your ride. A fault in the brakes can cost your life.

3. Chain Lube and Tension

Lubricated parts in mechanical motors are essential for it to perform efficiently. Like other spares, the chain is the most important in driving the power from your engine to the wheels. For that reason, it is among the top five items that you need to check before your ride. A well-lubricated chain is important for the internal components to function smoothly. Along with chain lube, you must also keep an eye for the slack that develops in the chains. This slack might cause a loss of power figures on your bike.

In case you are hard on finances, third party insurance for bike is a handy tool. This can help you prevent any legal obligations that might otherwise arise in case of a mishap.

4. Electrical Indicators

An electrical check-up is equally important as the mechanical check-up. Plan to venture outdoors after the sunset? Make sure you check for your headlamps and turn indicators. As visibility is important for you, so is it for others. Tail-lamps and turn indicators are crucial for your vehicle’s visibility to others. A simple check by turning them on and off is enough to have clear visibility for you as well as others.

5. Display

Modern-day bikes have electronic displays with smart technology indicating vitals about your bike like fuel, oil, air pressure and more. After physical verification of your bike, the first thing you will notice is the display. In case it displays any critical signs, make sure you get your vehicle inspected.

Lastly, don’t forget to get your bike checked before two wheeler insurance renewal. Be smart and get your motorcycle insured today!