December 6, 2023

Long-Lasting And Good Looking Solar Street Light

Solar power is becoming popular as the dependable source use for street lights all around the world. The most amazing benefit of solar street light is its reduced dependency on conventional energy. It conserves energy and does not have more reliance on the national grid. The countries getting more sunlight, solar lights are the best option for gardens, streets, parks, and many public places. The light’s service life is affected by the solar panel, lamp module, controller, and battery pack. The street lights are built by integrating PV panels, LED lights, smart sensors, and in-built batteries. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It looks good and is long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Key Features

The modern street light has solar panels embedded with inbuilt lithium-ion batteries and a management system of them. They have motion sensors with automatic controls. The light is weatherproof and resistant to water. It has less attraction rate of insects and has low glare with a long lifetime. The embedded panel converts the solar power to electrical energy that the in-built batteries store and are used from dusk to dawn lighting operations. The main innovative feature of the light is its battery management system that is facilitated by the motion sensors and the presence of night. The light works at lumens brightness during the first 5 hours at night. Then the PIR sensors are activated due to human movement when the light intensity reduces. It turns into full brightness when the people are present at a certain distance.


The integrated solar street light has a minimum cost for operation. These lights are wireless and independent. As compared to conventional lights, solar lights require almost no maintenance. The lights are not prone to such accidents as there are no external wires present. The lights illuminate in the street at night despite any grid failures and power cuts. The lights are environment friendly and provide a significant lowering of the carbon footprints of people. Solar lights are a better investment than conventional lights concerning capital and O&M cost.


The service life of the solar lights used in the street is about eight years, and there is no need for maintenance and electric charge. It is energy-saving and protects the environment. As compared to the conventional street lights, these lights are more convenient and environmentally friendly, and their installation process is easy.